ITV’s (ITV) trading statement on Tuesday had more contrast settings than even a new-fangled TV and the share price whipsawed up and subsequently down in the hours afterwards.The good news was that the company’s hopes for 2017 were reiterated and looking ahead to 2018 they will enter the year ‘…in good shape with a strong operating performance underpinned by a robust balance sheet, and we look forward to the arrival of our new CEO, Carolyn McCall’. Add in growth in the Studios business (Downton Abbey to the world) and online hub (21m registered viewers) and life sounds rosy on the South Bank. However, the media world does remain highly changeable with conventional advertising revenue showing a 7% fall year-to-date in an environment where the company noted that ‘wider corporate confidence in the UK continues to be impacted by political and economic uncertainty’. Which channel would you like to watch?