Estee Lauder – NYSE (EL) are confident of beating analysts’ forecasts to report on Friday a fourth successive quarter of quarter on quarter and year on year growth. The Company has previously reported growth of nearly 8% in Q1 2017 and the almost doubling of that figure by the end of Q3. There is constant pressure these days to look good, especially now that everything is displayed on social media outlets and in the tabloids. Some of EL’s brands are mature but others newly acquired such as DECIEM are gaining huge traction and Kendall Jenner, who has a huge millennial following, has been signed up. Growth is also coming from the focus on fast growing markets, such as China. With a dominant position in the makeup/prestige skincare market pretty much sewn up, EL is able to generate margins of close to 80%. The shares now trade at $136 on a forward PE ratio of 29 times after steadily climbing over the last 12 months and to maintain momentum the news on Friday will indeed have to bear out the Company’s confidence.