I was a bit worried the other day to read that the humble sandwich might be one of the biggest contributors to global warming…but on this front I fear there are bigger influences at work. Talking about sandwiches specifically though, the biggest player in town is Greencore (GNC), which has been a worthy supplier of sandwich and other convenience food offerings in the UK market for a while now but has recently undertaken a deal which has built up its US position with the aim of doing something similar over there. The stock market remains sceptical given the previous challenges faced by European companies over on the other side of the Pond.but a trading update and analysts’ conference call yesterday emphasised making the necessary changes in the US to allow them to hit their anticipated targets. Meanwhile in the UK, the Group has been using pricing power to counter underlying inflationary pressures and make further ‘excellent progress’ in reorganising the UK operation (including exiting the cakes and desserts sector). It was also good to hear about their hopes regarding strong cash flow generation. Anyone for a sandwich?