Legal & Regulatory

The following documents in the English language can be inspected (free of charge) and copies made available (free of charge), at the offices of Daniel Stewart & Company, 33 Creechurch Lane, London EC3A 5EB. reasonable charge):

(a) any instrument amending the Fund’s Articles of Association;

(b) the latest Prospectus of the Fund;

(c) the latest Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) in relation to each of the Shares marketed in the UK; and

(d) the Fund Reports.

Daniel Stewart & Company provides the following facilities on behalf of the Fund

● to enable any person with a complaint about the operation of the Fund to submit the complaint to the Fund. Such complaint must be forwarded to the address of the Fund to the attention of the compliance department – service of complaints at the address of the Fund.

● to enable any person in the United Kingdom to obtain information in English about the current price of shares

● to enable persons in the United Kingdom to arrange for redemption of shares and obtain payment from the Administrator by transmitting such requests to the Administrator as soon as possible after receipt by the Facilities Agent.