Barclays (BARC) has had a rough few years with fines, CEO mistakes and a slashed dividend payment. Today the share trades below book value which is the stock markets way of saying that the trust quotient is low. However, matters may be changing. Barclays continues to shape up its portfolio of assets and this initiative appears to be having an impact as the company has attracted a new American activist investor, who has purchased a 5% shareholding stake. Activist investors are typically not shy at stating their demands and our best guess would be that they would like the company to follow the lead of other financial sector peers like UBS or Credit Suisse and reduce the investment banking proportion of the business in favour of wealth management or personal/corporate banking. The Barclays management team have not met their new big shareholder yet but recent reports suggest that they are looking to reinstate a share buyback for the first time since 2007. This sounds like promising news for investors…and activists alike. The Dynamic Opportunities Fund holds an investment in Barclays.