“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” John Naisbitt

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The three Ts: Turkey, Tesla… and turmoil

‘The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil’ - Thomas A. Edison Mention of ‘Turkey’ in the summer is typically centred around a summer holiday or some unseasonal longing for a Christmas meal.  In the last week or so, however,...

As one quarter finishes…

A new quarter starts…and a new pessimism starts? Early equity market moves on first July were generally down driven by further twists and issues in the Brexit, world trade and German domestic political angst debates.

The World Cup and financial markets

‘The World Cup is not just a great global sporting event, it is also inscribed with much deeper cultural and political importance’ - Martin Jacques Whilst the world’s trade and diplomatic issues appear to be multiplying - and continuing to impact financial markets -...

Invitation to Join

I hope, like me, regular readers have enjoyed Chief Investment Officer Chris Bailey’s stimulating weekly bulletins. Sharing with investors our latest reading of global markets is a key feature of our Fund.

Investment postcard…from Beijing

As the expression goes, travel broadens the mind. This last weekend found me in Beijing, the capital of China, with a modest formal agenda but an innate curiosity to find out a little more what makes the country tick.

There are always worries…so just embrace it

What a last week. More trade angst as the war of words spills over into more tariffs, a German government that is wobbling, higher US interest rates, a confirmation from the European Central Bank that it is holding rates below zero for another year and the usual discussions about Brexit.