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Who wants to be invested forever?

For many it was the warmest day of the year last Saturday and finally it appears the rather lengthy bout of cold weather may be at a close. With the weather – as with investments – the darkest hour is often before the dawn.

Markets: having to think for themselves

After nine glorious years US equity markets may have fallen off the escalator. It may be temporary and is probably quite healthy but other stock markets have followed suit. The trouble started at the end of January just when it looked like more gains as usual.

US-China Trade: the jousting begins

There is no doubt that a full-scale Trade War would be bad news for everyone. What is not clear, however, is whether the first joust à plaisance will make Messrs Trump and Xi get off their high horses and negotiate or fight à outrance.

New activist shareholder agitates Barclays

Barclays (BARC) has had a rough few years with fines, CEO mistakes and a slashed dividend payment. Today the share trades below book value which is the stock markets way of saying that the trust quotient is low. However, matters may be changing.

Panic? (part 2)

We are not even at the end of the first quarter of the year and global financial markets have racked up two bouts of significant volatility.

Top Trumps?

Escalating trade protectionism is almost certainly what we should all be worrying about most and helps to explain the latest softness in equities.

When do you sell?

If only it was possible with shares to adhere to the doctrine of ‘if it don’t go up, don’t buy it’ but life – and certainly the world of investments – is never that easy.