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Silver linings

It may all be rather embarrassing but the fact that the Government is floundering shows at last just  how difficult leaving the EU was always going to be. In fact, the complete break that a dwindling band of zealots still crave looks increasingly impossible.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

When we look back on 2017, it will be on a year which has lived up to almost all of the excitable financial market expectations. Most stock markets are higher and the world index has racked up an unparalleled run of eleven successive monthly gains this year.

Schlumberger Inc: drill, baby, drill

“All that matters is winnin’!” No doubt I missed the deep philosophical undertones that the script writers of Dallas embedded within their hit show of too long ago to remember but even in my formative years I quickly realised that hitting a big oil find was good news.

New Funds can take profits!

A couple of months or so into the life of the Dynamic Opportunities Fund I realise we have done something rather unusual by top-slicing four (and counting) of our investments to crystalise some profits.

Is there anything good on ITV?

ITV’s (ITV) trading statement on Tuesday had more contrast settings than even a new-fangled TV and the share price whipsawed up and subsequently down in the hours afterwards.